Transsexual Escorts in London

Every now and then we all like to take a walk on the wild side, as the late Lou Reed profoundly told us; “and the coloured girls go…” An old wise friend of mine said to me, “you cannot eat the same thing every night.” What both these analogies point to is the feral nature of masculine sexuality; if it moves you can f… it. We do not all operate on this level all the time, however, it may be a place we visit infrequently. To partake of the exotic in the knowledge of its difference from everyday life can reinvigorate a jaded palate.

Girls who used to be boys but retain a vestige of that testosterone fueled sexual appetite. When queer is king within a queen; and wow do some of these transsexuals look hot. Their outer form becomes a work of art, melding style and fashion in a captured look that drips sexuality. It makes one ponder on just what are the distinctive and essential qualities of a man and a woman. There does seem to be a blurring of what a transsexual is versus a transvestite in the marketing of these services.

There are chicks with dicks, and then there are real lady boys who have the orifices to match the gender. The transsexual escorts in London include both forms and some in-between; all it takes is a bit of imagination. The fresh feel of an embrace containing luscious breasts and a big hard cock can shake the ennui out of the tiredest libido. Love in strange places, and a lip smacking service guaranteed, are all on the menu from these ladies with names evoking faraway fantasies.

Asian babes in all their graceful forms are thick on the ground in the shemale realm; being naturally slight the transformation must be more easily achieved. Exotic is the name of the game and these girls come from another planet really; where the bits are not found in their usual spots. Many of these transsexual workers are free lance, marketed by a website but running their own show. There are a bunch of transsexual nightclubs and bars providing social outlets for them as well. That walk on the wild side is not quite as dangerous as it used to be, with policies of social inclusiveness now adopted by police and slowly trickling down to the general public.