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It may begin with a dinner, and in the good old days involved a dance or two. It might include an important social engagement and she will be on your arm. Her smile and attractive visage will unlock gates, which may have been previously out of your league. Your requirements may be more laconic, to the point so to speak, and may involve a visit to your hotel room. Her appearance in this instance will immediately charm and impress you with her savvy sense of style. All our girls are performers of the highest order, treading the boards of life as a stage, bringing a bit of theatre to the previously banal. London escort ladies are the prime cut of the beast called lust.

Dreams are made of this, the languid touch of a gorgeously beautiful girl, who is waiting on your every word. Listening to you like she is listening to the BBC news, avid for any reportage of important stuff. Eye contact is made and the chase has begun. The seduction is on schedule and the hunt is afoot my friend. Her hips sway sensually as she moves around you, like a satellite to your fiery star. You are the Lord and Master; a man of impeccable persuasion to whom she must demure.

An escort is your personal plaything, a woman with allure who only has eyes for you. She is your bitch, high on your stink, and smiling the widest, wettest grin of pure sin. You could almost levitate off the ground in the afterglow of this heady and exalted company. Intimacy beckons like Satan’s daughter in her undershift, as a gentle breeze blows through this barmy night. You imagine the feel of her skin, the inside of her thighs, and the sweet musky odour of love.

And her voice, cultured and refined, just how you imagined it in your teenage wet dreams all those years ago, an audio treasure of deportment schooling at London’s finest ladies schools, the sort of voice you’d spend a long time listening to on a phone sex line as you lay there spread-eagled and totally seduced by her timbre and tone. If it’s enough over the phone, then how much better is it whispering in your ear up close, with hot moist air entering your aural cavity in throes of thrusting pleasure.

What price the fulfillment of such an aspiration? What would you do to meet the girl of your dreams and have her want you just as hard? To rub up against this reality in London town? We have girls of all descriptions united in only their rare beauty. We have chicks galore and ever more and more coming in. This exclusive agency has the finest flesh on its books and you can inquire into each girl’s particular peccadilloes. Get the low down on the dirty stuff and match your desires with the right vessel. At London escorts we take matchmaking very seriously because we want your night to be fucking amazing.