Our Girls

Girls just wanna have fun! Cyndi Lauper energetically sang this refrain, and at London Escorts, the ladies are here to have fun with you. What are your particular tastes in the fairer sex? Do you like the long and lean, or curvy and compact, wide and welcoming, or tight and a touch timid? Are you partial to beer and schnapps, or do you prefer them sipping gin. Does your tongue fizz on pink Champagne, or is going down on a Singapore Sling more your thing? Whatever your taste in women we have the widest range of helpful gals in old London town.

Sally was a seamstress before she put her needles down, and now she lies on her back all night and sows an entirely different sound. Elspeth is a kindergarten teacher by day and her kindness knows no bounds. Maureen likes to kick box and her calves look a treat in Lycra, and when she does the splits the applause echoes all around. London Escorts come from all classes and walks of life, you will be surprised by the pretty girls you meet. She may have a tattoo and a piercing through her nose and private parts, but she may also have a first class degree in sociology and read books by Foucault. By who you ask? By whom, old chap?

Just some French thinker who had a hard on for the History of Sexuality. But these girls are fit my friend, very fit indeed and they love to perform. London escorts swing from the high trapeze in life, showing much daring do as they bend over backwards to satisfy your needs. A man has his needs, they say, and a happy gent is one who has his needs met. Smile while you suck it, is a missionary statement here, as it embodies our ethos. This is representative of our total commitment to your pleasure, and your guarantee of a good time.

London Escorts hath murdered sleep, forget about Macbeth, our girls keep the member for the Privy Council on extra alert. No sleep for the wicked old son! Dancing queens young and free, only seventeen, doing the boogie with you all night. Are you up for a Melvyn Bragg? A bit of zig and zag? Hold onto your Brighton Rock my lad and get ready for her Fyfe and Drum old son. The evening is young and we have only just begun. I am in the mood for a Friar Tuck and she is a right feather plucker. Come and see us, pretty please.