The root word, or origin, of the term ‘escort’ comes from the Latin. That’s right here is a bit of learning for you all. Close your eyes and imagine our Latin Master, or in this case Mistress, her name is Padrona Puttanesca. Putti is wearing her black robe over her black stockings, which are stretched thin like gauze, covering her very long legs. Our Mistress has a cane, ready if you are not paying attention to your lesson. She might ask you to pull your pants down and to bend over her desk; so pay attention boys.

So, yes, the root word of origin for the term escort is ‘corrigere’, which means to set right, or ‘excorrigere’ to be exact, defined as out to set right. We even get the old French word to ‘scourge’ out of this as well and my cane is ready for your bare bottoms if you are naughty. A good whipping might arouse some pointed interest from you, I am sure.

So, our escorts are here to set right some wrong in your life, to satisfy a certain lacking. These beautiful ladies are your guides of the night, leading you up the right path. In the dark they will help you find your way; they are true scientists in fact, great believers in the epistemological method. To touch is to know, so softly, so slow, don’t you know, don’t you know.

Putti says, pay attention now boys or she will get out her big stick. She is leaning over your desk now and her ample cleavage is in a state of de collage; with only slivers of fabric keeping them in. Her big eyes behind glasses are examining you and fixating on your breathing. She is watching for any sign of excitement, any undue movement, any naughty thoughts manifesting themselves in her presence. Padrona Puttanesca is writing on the blackboard now in white big letters, escort = to conduct.

Our escorts at London Escorts will conduct you to an epiphany: to a heightened experience. Let them be your guide on a climactic journey to a rare place of pleasure; your Xanadu. You will be in good hands, trusted and well versed in the arts of love, and ready to accede to your every whim. We have girls of outstanding beauty, slim and succulent, superb to touch and stroke. London Escorts Ladies are the bling and the bang of the night time world.

Putti says, thank you boys, you may put away your books, this class is missa est.