August Escorts Roster

Well guys we’ve got an exciting month coming up for you in August as many of our favourite girls from Australia and South America fly in to enjoy whatever sun our English summer can offer them.

Joining us from sunny Sydney is bodacious beach babe Kimmie, a half-Aussie half-Vietnamese Eurasian whose bubbly personality and infectious laugh will soon make you feel right at home.

Sophia is an Italian-born Melbourne escort who brings a touch of Venice to any intimate encounter. They say her legs are like gondola oars, rhythmic and wet, and ever pushing the dark mysterious waters that lie beneath.

From Columbia, arriving mid-August is Bianca, a dark-haired beauty who evokes the illicit. She’s upmarket and lets executives de-stress in whatever ways they want to. She’s a mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice kind-of girl but she’s ok if you need to lay the mirror flat too.