12 Qualities a Man’s Looking For in a High Class Escort

I think that the qualities a fellow looks for in a high class escort are the same qualities he looks for in a more substantial relationship; like a wife. This may shock some, but if you really think about it in this modern age, we want it all. Supersize me my man and yes I want all the extras with that, and don’t stint on the sauce. These are the refrains of the twenty first century, more bang for our bucks and double helpings of pleasure. So here are 12 qualities I consider essential in a high class escort.

Number 1. The ability to string a coherent sentence together and hopefully she may have something worth saying. Not a chatterbox mind you, no more considered than that and with a sense of timing. Conversation can be looked at like music, there is a time and a place for each verbal deposit, and space for silence too. Intimacy is best served by a cooperative mind, in my opinion; and much of the pleasure derived from the sexual act is, in fact, mental.

Number 2. She must inhabit her own body to be beautiful. This sounds insane to some, but what I mean is that a courtesan must have presence; and only being here and now in the moment can deliver that presence. Beauty is not an objective phenomenon, it is highly subjective, and there are so many different kinds of unique beauty in the world. A woman can be beautiful and sexy in so many diverse ways.

Number 3. Our high class escort must have a genuine place in her heart for the man she entertains. It does not need to be a massive space, but it must be real and not faked. This is where our escort Chantelle excels more than most. Starting out her high class hooker career as one of the most sought-after escorts Brisbane ever produced, Chantelle had a clientele who greatly appreciated her soul, they sought her counsel on their marital issues, she allowed them to talk about their deepest sexual fantasies and she healed their fears and nurtured their souls. As an escort you can only do this if you are genuine, if you feel your clients with your heart. Ultimately this is the most powerful force which will win the infinite loyalty of a client.

Number 4. This woman needs to be able to find enjoyment through intimate relations with a man. You may be surprised that I include something so obvious but it is not always the case in my experience.

Number 5. Skilled at fellatio. Yes giving good head, is in this day and age a basic requirement.

Number 6. Being a good listener.

Number 7. A ready smile on her lips.

Number 8. A powerful sense of discretion. In this business keeping schtum at the right times is vital.

Number 9. A wide range of interests beyond mere small talk. Meeting many different men will require an ability to converse on a range of topics.

Number 10. A good grasp of economics, especially her own.

Number 11. Patience at the beginning, nobody likes to be rushed.

Number 12. Effective personal hygiene, although we all have different tastes in this regard.

Happy hunting chaps and I wish you every success in your explorations.