British Attitudes To Prostitution: Will The Laws Catch Up?

Paying for sex in Britain is not a crime, and neither is selling sex, but there are laws which make being a prostitute there difficult at times. Soliciting for sex on the pavement is illegal, and kerb crawling is a crime; and maintaining a brothel where more than one prostitute is selling sex is also illegal. There are thought to be some eighty thousand prostitutes working in Britain, and one out of every ten British men has visited a prostitute.

The big problem in Britain is sex slavery, with some women forced into prostitution by criminal gangs and their circumstances. Anti-prostitution campaigners in Britain blame men, saying that demand produces supply and that women would not be forced into prostitution if it wasn’t so economically attractive. They quote Sweden where the buying of sex was made a criminal offence more than a decade ago and that sex worker numbers there have been reduced from twenty five hundred to five hundred. Norway is about to follow Sweden’s lead, and Finland and Lithuania have made it illegal to pay for sex with someone acting under coercion.

British Attitudes To Prostitution: Will The Laws Catch Up?

Proponents of prostitution in Britain say that the industry has been forced underground in Sweden and many of their sex workers have moved to operate in other countries. The English Collective of Prostitutes are against similar laws being brought in, in the UK, as they see it damaging business for hard working honest sex workers in that country. Feminists within the UK government see all prostitution as damaging to women and forced upon women due to economic circumstances. They point to the growing commercialism of sex throughout society and that men who use prostitutes have emotionally empty sexual relationships.

Men in Britain who use prostitutes are not asking the sex workers whether they are willing participants; they use the service whether or not the girls are coerced into prostitution. Making it illegal to buy sex from someone who has been coerced through some form of sexual slavery will reduce demand by punters through fear of being prosecuted. The laws are currently unable to deal with a complex situation and changes are necessary if sexual enslavement in Britain is to be eradicated. Sex workers are in the main young women, because most men want to have sex with younger women, and younger people are more easily manipulated than older and wiser heads.

Transsexual Escorts in London

Every now and then we all like to take a walk on the wild side, as the late Lou Reed profoundly told us; “and the coloured girls go…” An old wise friend of mine said to me, “you cannot eat the same thing every night.” What both these analogies point to is the feral nature of masculine sexuality; if it moves you can f… it. We do not all operate on this level all the time, however, it may be a place we visit infrequently. To partake of the exotic in the knowledge of its difference from everyday life can reinvigorate a jaded palate.

Girls who used to be boys but retain a vestige of that testosterone fueled sexual appetite. When queer is king within a queen; and wow do some of these transsexuals look hot. Their outer form becomes a work of art, melding style and fashion in a captured look that drips sexuality. It makes one ponder on just what are the distinctive and essential qualities of a man and a woman. There does seem to be a blurring of what a transsexual is versus a transvestite in the marketing of these services.

There are chicks with dicks, and then there are real lady boys who have the orifices to match the gender. The transsexual escorts in London include both forms and some in-between; all it takes is a bit of imagination. The fresh feel of an embrace containing luscious breasts and a big hard cock can shake the ennui out of the tiredest libido. Love in strange places, and a lip smacking service guaranteed, are all on the menu from these ladies with names evoking faraway fantasies.

Asian babes in all their graceful forms are thick on the ground in the shemale realm; being naturally slight the transformation must be more easily achieved. Exotic is the name of the game and these girls come from another planet really; where the bits are not found in their usual spots. Many of these transsexual workers are free lance, marketed by a website but running their own show. There are a bunch of transsexual nightclubs and bars providing social outlets for them as well. That walk on the wild side is not quite as dangerous as it used to be, with policies of social inclusiveness now adopted by police and slowly trickling down to the general public.


12 Qualities a Man’s Looking For in a High Class Escort

I think that the qualities a fellow looks for in a high class escort are the same qualities he looks for in a more substantial relationship; like a wife. This may shock some, but if you really think about it in this modern age, we want it all. Supersize me my man and yes I want all the extras with that, and don’t stint on the sauce. These are the refrains of the twenty first century, more bang for our bucks and double helpings of pleasure. So here are 12 qualities I consider essential in a high class escort.

Number 1. The ability to string a coherent sentence together and hopefully she may have something worth saying. Not a chatterbox mind you, no more considered than that and with a sense of timing. Conversation can be looked at like music, there is a time and a place for each verbal deposit, and space for silence too. Intimacy is best served by a cooperative mind, in my opinion; and much of the pleasure derived from the sexual act is, in fact, mental.

Number 2. She must inhabit her own body to be beautiful. This sounds insane to some, but what I mean is that a courtesan must have presence; and only being here and now in the moment can deliver that presence. Beauty is not an objective phenomenon, it is highly subjective, and there are so many different kinds of unique beauty in the world. A woman can be beautiful and sexy in so many diverse ways.

Number 3. Our high class escort must have a genuine place in her heart for the man she entertains. It does not need to be a massive space, but it must be real and not faked. This is where our escort Chantelle excels more than most. Starting out her high class hooker career as one of the most sought-after escorts Brisbane ever produced, Chantelle had a clientele who greatly appreciated her soul, they sought her counsel on their marital issues, she allowed them to talk about their deepest sexual fantasies and she healed their fears and nurtured their souls. As an escort you can only do this if you are genuine, if you feel your clients with your heart. Ultimately this is the most powerful force which will win the infinite loyalty of a client.

Number 4. This woman needs to be able to find enjoyment through intimate relations with a man. You may be surprised that I include something so obvious but it is not always the case in my experience.

Number 5. Skilled at fellatio. Yes giving good head, is in this day and age a basic requirement.

Number 6. Being a good listener.

Number 7. A ready smile on her lips.

Number 8. A powerful sense of discretion. In this business keeping schtum at the right times is vital.

Number 9. A wide range of interests beyond mere small talk. Meeting many different men will require an ability to converse on a range of topics.

Number 10. A good grasp of economics, especially her own.

Number 11. Patience at the beginning, nobody likes to be rushed.

Number 12. Effective personal hygiene, although we all have different tastes in this regard.

Happy hunting chaps and I wish you every success in your explorations.

Adult Entertainment Venues & Bars in London

Like every big city in the world London has its fair share of adult entertainment venues and bars. In fact, you could say that London was the first of the modern big cities to have a substantial area devoted to the ‘needs of the night’. Soho, in the City of Westminster, was for much of the twentieth century London’s premier home to the sex industry and its entertainments. That, alas for many, is not the case anymore, with regentrification transforming the area into an upmarket home to media offices and fine dining restaurants. A few sex shops remain, so where have the sordid goodies got to?

Well, Bethnal Green offers some tasteful pole dancing babes at Metropolis with three floors of gyrating beauties bending over backwards to please your eye. Open Monday to Friday from 7pm to 4am this joint is guaranteed to get your attention.

234 Cambridge Heath Road, London.

020 8980 2917

No 4 Mayfair is a gentleman’s club (I didn’t think that there were any gentlemen left in London) and offers lap dancing by a bevy of girls designed by god to please even the most jaded of eyes. Open Monday to Saturday, 10pm to 5.30am.

4 Mill Street, Greater London W1s 2AX

0207 629 2042

Charlies Club offers 2 for 1 drinks before 10pm as an incentive to get punters in early. Very yummy girls doing their dirty dances on stage and a warm and inviting ambience fills the place. Open Monday to Friday, from 6pm.

37 Leinster Gardens, London W2 3AN

020 7402 3826

23 Paul Street describe themselves as a place for the discerning rascal, which I kind of like. There does seem to be a bit of an ‘old worldly’ theme in the marketing of these adult entertainment venues. But I suppose sex is a pretty old fashioned concept when you come to think about it. A nipple visible here juxtaposed against something hard like leather, which is contrasted again by lace. Good looking girls being naughty but desirous of being treated nicely by the appreciative audience. Open Monday to Friday, 7pm to 3am.

23 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A4JU

20 7638 4601

Returning to Soho, and a little bit of its two hundred year sexy history. In the 1960’s it was home to around a hundred strip clubs and they employed some quaint euphemisms in their endeavours to market their services to the punters. Little signs in windows and doorways would offer ‘Large Chest for Sale’ or ‘French Lessons Given’. Ah the good old days hey.

Pretty Things Just Arrived

Babes, babes and more babes, oh man you are in clover. The royal rogering factory of old London town is delivering pretty ladies like the Thames tide in flood. Lovely girls licking and lapping your gentle shores before your boat comes in. Cast out your anchor boys and book a beautiful blonde for the lonely night ahead. Engage one of our mysterious brunettes for an evening of discovery, amid the storm of bed linen this often provokes. Stained sheets, wet patches and broad relief, string the canvas high lads and set sail upon the sea of desire.

London escort ladies are sexperts, highly trained technicians who don’t wear lab coats; in fact they do their best work in the raw. Fit young women who know how things fit together, like nuts and bolts, male and female parts, and all the screw in stuff. Practice makes perfect they say and these girls are match fit. This is music to the ears of the male animal in heat. These girls will guide your attention to the hotspots and suck the very marrow out of the hardest bone. Thirsty for love and hungry for happiness; good times are on the agenda.

Anise, from New Zealand, arrived in London last week, and she is half Maori with café latte coloured skin. Her generous breasts and shapely bum are a sure bet, good thing. She likes to have sex at least sex or seven times a night, and is a big fan of the All Blacks team. Dawn is from Sydney and sun bathes topless at Bondi Beach, so her tan is pretty special and her nipples like big brown berries waiting to be consumed. These southern hemisphere hotties are quick to initiate things and back up for more, just like the Australian cricket team.

Gwen hails from Manchester, a hearty northern lass, and she likes to gargle fluids to improve her dulcet tones; ay she is a bit of alright. She likes her men to be real men pet, no mamby pamby boys. A pint of bitter and Gwen will sing for you, “Cum Geordie Haud Da Bairn”. Jade is an exotic flower from the Far East, her dusky skin is softer than a steamed dim sim and twice as tasty. You will want to dip into her and sauce her slippery bits. If you are partial to the occasional Chinese feed then Jade is your cup of tea.

Louise went to the right schools and knows how to pronounce her aitches correctly. She has a brother who plays rugger for the London Harlequins, and she likes the odd ruck and maul. She understands the importance of getting the ball in hand, especially when it’s slippery. Scoring with Louise is easy when you land your tackle between her goal posts; her post try celebrations are something to see.

London escorts ladies truly believe in the natural order of things, in making men feel like heroes and behaving as women should. Wet when wet is on the menu and smiling when smiles can suffice. The world of intimacy is restored to its balanced state at this agency of human services in the heart of London. Come and visit us tonight.

London Calling

I remember my first visit to the city of London when I was a teenager, and I vividly recall gazing upon the diverse and exotic bevy of beautiful girls all around me. It felt like being in a candy store for the perpetually aroused. There were dusky maidens with silky black manes, English roses with creamy skin, Gothic vamps with plenty of attitude, tattooed bitches with piercings, European lasses from northern climes, Mediterranean beauties with big wide smiles and lots more. My neck became sore from turning around, again and again; my mother asked me if there was something wrong.

No Mama, I replied, everything is fine. More than fine, it was a paradise on Earth. It was to be just a passing visit; just a fantasy. London Escorts brings my fantasy to life, in the flesh so to speak, with girls from around the globe strutting their stuff nightly on our richly carpeted floors. Benita from Bengal bends over beds like a tiger in the jungle, with flashing white teeth grinning and grimacing in the dark. Fresh ladies of the night are arriving as we speak, boatloads of pussy disembarking at the wharf and making their way to our door.

Girls from the new world are sampling the bright lights of London, including sassy African Americans with tight afro hairdos, Peruvian Indians with big brown eyes, Chilean enchantresses in the mood for love and the girl next door exploring her darker side. You will find them all here, some blonde with plaits, the odd redhead with curls, curvaceous cuties with tresses of gold and all the colours of the rainbow are here to be explored. Dorothy from Kansas has kicked off her red shoes and is opening her long legs.

You will feel the deep throbbing base of our sound system as you ascend our carpeted stairs on your way to meeting Rita, our helpful receptionist. She will offer you a drink, perhaps a glass of Champagne, or something stronger, for Dutch courage. Excitement is in the air as you look around our vestibule and ogle the exceedingly tasteful décor. You will be directed to our comfy couch, where your derrière will almost certainly sink in, as you wait for the evening’s parade with your leather bound menu in hand.

A famous man once compared the delights of promiscuity with that of the Epicurean; constantly eating out to experience all the flavours from around the world. Why eat egg and chips every night when you can sample the gourmet fare from the exotic far reaches of the known and unknown grounds of terra firma? Why indeed, my fine young man?

August Escorts Roster

Well guys we’ve got an exciting month coming up for you in August as many of our favourite girls from Australia and South America fly in to enjoy whatever sun our English summer can offer them.

Joining us from sunny Sydney is bodacious beach babe Kimmie, a half-Aussie half-Vietnamese Eurasian whose bubbly personality and infectious laugh will soon make you feel right at home.

Sophia is an Italian-born Melbourne escort who brings a touch of Venice to any intimate encounter. They say her legs are like gondola oars, rhythmic and wet, and ever pushing the dark mysterious waters that lie beneath.

From Columbia, arriving mid-August is Bianca, a dark-haired beauty who evokes the illicit. She’s upmarket and lets executives de-stress in whatever ways they want to. She’s a mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice kind-of girl but she’s ok if you need to lay the mirror flat too.